• Welcome to IVF-gruppen!

    Discover expertise and compassionate care at our fertility clinic, dedicated to addressing infertility concerns since 1984. Our team, with extensive experience, understands the unique challenges couples face during their fertility journey.

    At IVF-gruppen, no referral is needed. Our primary aim is to streamline the process of initiating investigations and treatments, making it as smooth as possible for you to embark on the path toward welcoming your long-awaited child.

    We offer investigations and treatments through private arrangements or under healthcare agreements with Stockholm County Council, particularly when high-cost cards apply.

    Comfortable and Supportive Environment
    Step into our homely premises, where you’ll receive attentive care coupled with advanced medical expertise. Our commitment is to ensure your time with us is characterized by a sense of calm and security. For couples undergoing active treatment, we extend our services on Saturdays, Sundays, and other weekends. Our clinic stands out as a leading institution in Stockholm, conducting over 900 IVF treatments and 600 transfers with frozen embryos each year.

    With experience in receiving patients residing outside Sweden, we understand the unique needs and considerations that come with international fertility treatments.

    Feel free to reach out to us with your questions, thoughts, or concerns. We are more than happy to provide guidance and answer any inquiries, always with the utmost sensitivity.

    Contact information to IVF-gruppen at Sophiahemmet.
    Phone: +46-8-20 48 10

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