• Welcome to our IVF and Fertility Clinic where we have worked with investigation and treatment of infertility since 1984. Our staff have long experience of meeting couples in this special situation.

    No referral is needed to us. The goal is that it should be as smooth and easy as possible to get started with the investigation and treatment needed to help you get your long-awaited child.

    We carry out investigations and treatments privately or within healthcare agreements with Stockholm County Council when high-cost cards apply.

    In our homely premises, you are well taken care of with high medical skills and quality as well as empathetic treatment. We want your time with us to feel calm and safe. For couples in active treatment, we are open on Saturdays, Sundays and other weekends. Our clinic is one of those who carry out the most investigations in Stockholm and every year we make more than 900 IVF treatments and 600 transfer with frozen embryo.

    We also have great experience of receiving patients living outside Sweden

    You are warmly welcome to contact us with your questions, thoughts or thoughts. We gladly advise and answer questions, of course completely presumptuous.

    Call us on +46-8-20 48 10

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